Water Wolf of the Forest, Wood Elf Druid


Anduin is fairly tall for an elf, standing around 5’9". He allows his long black hair to flow freely. He typically wears green, woody tunics and carries a large wooden staff. He’s normally found in the forest or playing in his favorite substance, the water.


Anduin is a somewhat mysterious figure; he hails from the new world which immediately sets him apart. However, he doesn’t remember much of what the people or villages are like. He left them over 40 years ago when his wife simply up an left. He’s been searching for her ever since.

Despite his sad past Anduin keeps his head up and does what he loves, question. Anduin loves to question everything, and loves it best when there’s a good answer to the question. Like the water, he’s fluid and willing to go along with most anything so long as it keeps him entertained.

In this great venture Anduin hopes to make lifelong friends, learn everything he can, and save his waifu!


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