Axgor, the Slave Trader

One Mean Half-Ogre, Half-Ogre Barbarian


Axgor is a massive brute of a man, standing around 7’0" tall with nearly 300 lbs of muscle and fat coating him. His enormous size is mostly due to his status as a half-human
half-ogre. His skin is a sickly green and he keeps his oily black hair flowing long and free. He is often found drinking, the lumberyard, or the mining pits.


Not much is readily known about Axgor, he tends to keep to himself and doesn’t often speak of his past. He is often incredibly rude and cunning to any who talk to him. He has no friends on the journey, but he seems to have an ounce of respect for the savvy little Jack Quicksilver. Despite being a danger to everyone around him he was given passage to control the massive slave population and put his immense strength to use for the colony; he also owns almost all of the slaves being used on the journey.

Axgor, the Slave Trader

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