Breanna Silvereye

Quick-Witted Halfling Merchant, Halfling Rogue


Breanna Silvereye is the youngest daughter of the matriarch of her clan. She stands just around 3’1", even short by halfling standards. She constantly carries tools for inspecting objects and documents of sale on her person. Breanna normally has a charming grin spread across her face and she carries her family trademark, a silver glint in her eye when she sees or hears a good deal. Breanna would never be seen without her weasel she bonded with at the age of 10, Russet. Russet helps her with her business ventures.


Breanna hails from the bustling city of Starfall. She came to the new world with her partners: Gribble-Lock and Jack Quicksilver. The trio are looking to hit it big in the new world, and that has them all watching their backs for the first signs of chicanery. Despite worrying for her financial security Breanna seems to maintain a positive attitude toward the venture, and she aims to prove she has what it takes to make it without her family’s monetary backup.

Breanna Silvereye

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