Erebius Warborn

Second in Command, Minotaur Fighter


Erebius is a massive bull of a man, standing 6’4" (6"10" with horns) and weighs about 255 lbs worth of thick beef. Erebius is never seen without his battered old plate mail and hefty axe. The black furred bull can normally be found at the military post training the recruits, drinking, or at the side of Governor Wyatt.


There’s not a lot to say about Erebius, he’s a massive bull man with an affinity for hitting things. Early in his life he joined Starfall’s military and made a name for himself, now he works as mercenary and has been hired on by Wyatt thanks to his being impressed with the minotaur on a previous assignment. Erebius has been named Wyatt’s second in command due to his personal skill, a man who values strength and hard work. As such he harbors a disdain for Xavindithus Elderkin for having been handed a command simply for his lineage.

Erebius Warborn

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