Falstaff Lavellan

Plantation Owner, Elf Rogue


Falstaff is a typical elf height at 5’7". While not large he does control a room with his charming and boisterous personality. He had previously been a successful adventurer and a member of a well-respected clan of elves to boot. He has a wellspring of confidence, and uses it to make you either hate him or love him.


Falstaff comes from the Elven Queendoms where he was once a respected adventurer from a famous clan. The Lavellan clan often serves as royal guards and soldiers. In his aging state Falstaff once again got the adventurer’s itch (someone get the cream), and decided a romp to the new world would be just the thing to pick up his spirits. He’s poured many of his resources into this venture, and doesn’t really mind if he loses them so long as he has fun. But intends to get back those resources through growing the foods the town will need for sustenance.

Falstaff Lavellan

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