Glimmerwink Leafwater

Ultimate Prankster, Professional Little Shit, Pixie Wizard


Glimmerwink is literally the smallest thing anything could ever be. He stacks up to a whopping 6" tall, the smallest a pixie can be and doesn’t weigh more than 5 lbs. He has dark blond to light brown hair and normally wears a green tunic. Thankfully anything he needs to use is shrunk down to his size thanks to pixie magic, and he thanks his lucky stars gold pieces are included in that. Glimmerwink is normally found being forced to apprentice with Zebulon, drinking, ruining Thelonius’ life, or having a good fun time at his friends’ expense.


Glimmerwink has a hard time accepting some things, those things normally being his shortcomings and especially those that are out of his control. Being only 6" tall he was the tiniest of all of the tiniest beings. It didn’t help that he had a wild home life, in which every one of his 12 sisters along with his parents were double his size and expected him to be in their family band. Eventually he couldn’t take anymore and one morning when his 12 sisters awoke in the bed they all shared with him Glimmerwink was nowhere to be seen. Their small pixie community had existed within the borders of the Elven Queendoms, a sanctuary for all fae creatures.

Glimmerwink had always been intelligent and dexterous and his interest became entirely piqued when he eventually found a palace and spied an old eladrin with hands seemingly made from silver teaching two elven women the techniques to combine sword flourishes and wizardry. Glimmerwink for the first time in his life of lazy pixie life felt incredibly inspired and rose at the break of dawn day-in and day-out watching and practicing alongside the women. He made himself a practice sword out of a twig. He was so dedicated he would continue making up his own combinations and flourishes for hours after the trio had ceased. Glimmerwink continued this way, learning through example all by himself for several months before he thought to get himself a friend. So he stole a small doll he called, “Rose” and it became his only friend in the world. He would use magic to make Rose practice alongside him. Glimmerwink talked with Rose all the time, about how he wanted to play the best pranks, make all the gold, and even steal color. The little pixie was fond of playing pranks on the old man and the women as well, changing colors of tapestries or switching places of swords and laughing with Rose all the while.

After 3 years of this there came a day when the old man stayed after dismissing the women. Finally, Glimmerwink could put all his spying to use and sneak around the room he knew belonged to the old bladesinger. Glimmerwink snuck into the old man’s room and found a rather simple silvered rapier in a locked glass case. As he attempted to steal the rapier the old man appeard behind him, and confirmed the rapier had been the one he used in his youth. He explained that his name was Raizeth “Silverhand” Galaeliel, and that his keen eye had been watching Glimmerwink since the first day. He talked to Glimmerwink for a long time about how he had in his second union married a queen of the elves and how those were his daughters training with him, the princesses. He told Glimmerwink that he had been very impressed with how easily the little pixie grasped bladesinging just by watching. The two talked for hours more, and eventually as the sun was setting Raizeth told Glimmerwink he would never really learn if he never applied the skills in a real scenario. His parting words to Glimmerwink were, “Freedom is nothing if you have no one to share it with. Go adventure, have fun, use your new skills, and above all find friends who care for you.”

After about a year of wandering from place to place learning as much as he could from and playing every prank he could think of on the various people he met. He never made friends though, he didn’t stay long enough for that and they certainly wouldn’t appreciate him after he dumped water on their head or some other tomfoolery. He loved watching how much effect he could have on people with even just a minor inconvenience. Eventually he thought he had seen it all, until he heard rumors of some crackpot journey to a new world. It sounded like just the perfect adventure for a curious little pixie, a whole new world to explore. He wasn’t paying though, so Glimmerwink made his way onto the fanciest ship of the lot as sneakily as he could.

Glimmerwink Leafwater

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