Governor Wyatt Galaeliel

Level-Headed Leader of the Expidition, Human Fighter


Governor Wyatt is a solidly built man, standing 5’11" and weighing 220 his long years of service in South Erath’s military have left him with chords of muscle, a booming voice, a level head in most any situation, and several lifetime’s worth of trauma. His weary smile lines travel all the way to his cool grey eyes.


Wyatt proudly accepted his assigned role as captain and eventually governor of the colonization effort when Queen Elle Cousland bestowed the honor upon him. Leaving behind his wife and young daughter Wyatt understands the dangers of travelling to a place where they would have no immediate allies, which is exactly why he knows it has to be him leading the journey to make a safe place for his and other families to eventually live. His understanding of the rigors involved and of practicality for the good of the colony has led Wyatt to conclude it best to accept advice from those around him and the willingness to implement most any plan, so long as the benefit is to the colony first. Wyatt has made it clear that his rule will be strict, step out of line and there will be retribution, but only to provide structure and strength to the colony.

Governor Wyatt Galaeliel

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