Gribble-Lock the Caravan Trader

Quick-Witted Halfing Merchant, Halfling Rogue


Gribble-Lock is a halfling, standing only about 3’5". However, she’s shifty-eyed and keen. She and her halfling business partners often stay in close proximity to one another and are well known to gamble, drink, and generally cause a ruckus. Gribble-Lock has several scars marring her features from a past life she hopes to escape in the new world.


Gribble-Lock and her two partners: Jack Quicksilver and Breanne Silvereye came to the new world together looking to make a big buck. Jack runs their labor force, Breanne cuts the deals, and Gribble-Lock finds the marks. The three of them haven’t worked together long and their years of being back stabbed in the business world has left them wary of each other, but as of now their strengths seem to mesh well together. Gribble-Lock used to be an adventurer but now she often smiles wistfully and touches her scars when the subject is brought up.

Gribble-Lock the Caravan Trader

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