The Daisy-ed Drow, Drow Sorcerer?


Invictus has the typical dark black skin and pale white hair of a Drow, but he has very atypical blue eyes. He is fairly short at only 5’6" and weighs only 145 lbs. He carries an odd gnarled staff with many thorns. Invictus may be a scary drow, but he’s the opposite, he always seems to have a massive grin and constantly has a large daisy braided into his hair.


Invictus is a bit of an oddball, upon first glance most people would fear him but he is often charming and laid back exuding a comfortable nature that allows him to get close with many people. He is often very kind and generous to those he meets, and can usually be found wandering around in nearby fields or the woods acting strangely. Most people aren’t sure exactly how he made it onto the journey, he doesn’t seem to have many useful talents outside of probably being a spell caster and certainly he isn’t wealthy. Altogether a quirky and kind man with a bright smile who has no real place in the new world.


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