Jack Quicksilver

Quick-Witted Halfling Merchant, Halfling Rogue


Jack is large for a halfling, standing about 3’8". His rough and curly black hair is usually unkempt. Jack is often found near the lumberyard, the mining pit, or the pub (if we had one). Jack is a rather crass but intelligent man, usually smoking his pipe or drinking in his leisure time.


Jack came to the new world with his partners: Breanna Quicksilver and Gribble-Lock. The trio came for a huge payday, and Jack knows they’re likely to cut him out the first chance they get. He’s made himself invaluable, however, driving the slave labor. Without his skill in getting those sods to work those ladies would have no income and they know it. Luckily for Jack he’s worked with Axgor before, and while the brute may never truly like anybody he at least respects Jack’s ability to drive a slave, take a payout, and handle a drink.

Jack Quicksilver

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