Plantation Owner, Human Cleric


Ko is a rather beautiful woman who stands about 5’9". She hails from the town of Starfall, and was a well known cleric of Yondalla there. Yondalla being a nature goddess Ko has somewhat of a green thumb, being incredible at growing plant life. She’s normally keeps to herself, but can be warm and cheery with visitors most times of the day.


Ko is somewhat aged, in her 40s and came to the new world at the behest of her goddess as one last adventure. In Starfall she was a noblewoman and cleric. Starfall has it’s fair share of hustle and bustle and Ko makes it readily apparent that while she enjoys people she also enjoys the subtlety of seclusion. This is why she used to go to the woods to pray every day, to get away from the noise. She still maintains this practice, walking a short distance into the woods to pray every morning. Ko, being phenomenal with plants she is looking to make her money in the new world by growing the food to feed the many slaves and the flax and cotton to clothe them.


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