High Cleric of Erathis, Human Cleric


Mordecai is a rather tall man, standing about 6’. A slightly aged man and respected member of the church he has a storied past of adventuring that tempered his faith into the calm and resolute state its in today, and it shows in his many battle scars and strong arms. He keeps his light brown hair cropped short and he remains clean shaven. He typically wears a stern but kind face, as befitting of a man who teaches of the wrath and kindness of a god.


Mordecai is, above all, a man of stories and a teacher; stories of Erathis and stories of his past are what he uses to guide the people toward a better life. His faith in his goddess is strong, but often he finds his faith in mortals shaken as he watches them commit unspeakable acts; to this end he is occasionally prone to acting harshly toward anything he perceives as threatening to his faith or the faith of those around him. When he met the kind and naive warforged: Guardian he brought him into the church and nurtured the spark of faith within him. He nudged Guardian toward the role of holy knight, as befit his natural strength, and taught him to protect the faith and those that can’t defend themselves above all else. He brought Guardian on the voyage to serve as a protector of their small church and a loyal knight to defend the town.


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