Palindithas Thunderkin

Wily Dragon Sorcerer, Dragonborn Sorcerer


Palindithus is a large gold dragonborn, standing around 6’8". He is typically seen carrying a bronze staff with wings unfurled near the top and wearing all manner of colorful robes. Palin can almost always be found near his younger cousin’s side and carries an antivan leather satchel he never let’s out of his sight, though no one, not even Xavin, knows what may be in it.


Growing up in an affluent dragonborn family in the city of Woodhurst, Palindithas wanted for nothing. He grew up alongside his more martial-oriented cousin Xavin. Palin’s natural arcane abilities manifested so early that his proud wizard parents knew he was destined to follow in their footsteps at the famed School of Starfall, Izzet. The School was where all the great scholarly mages in the known world attended.

However, Palin did not exhibit the study habits and finesse over his power required by all wizard apprentices to be admitted to the prestigious school. In a desperate gambit to prove himself worthy, Palin stole one of his parents’ spellbooks and inadvertently unleashed a portal to the Elemental Chaos, trapping himself and Xavin in the nightmarish homeworld of the Primordials. When the boys were finally rescued by the combined efforts of their families, Palin was in absolute shock and poor Xavin’s scales had been transfigured into a mottled, iron-like substance; Xavin was knocked unconscious due to the magical reverberation and would retain no memory of the traumatic experience. It took months of magic-assisted recovery to get the young dragonborn back to normal. The boys didn’t see each other much after that, Xavin’s parents began a movement that would eventually sever the official family ties between the Elderkin main branch of the clan and the lower Thunderkin branch.

Ashamed and afraid of their son’s abilities, the Thunderkin arranged for him to travel far from Woodhurst, cashing in an ages-old favor so that Palin could live out the rest of his days in peace under the servitude of Xyphreneus, a powerful bronze dragon and past ally of the Thunderkin’s ancestors.

The details best left unsaid, serving as a slave under a dragon is no easy or particularly fun lifestyle for anyone. It was here that Palin learned he was not meant to be a wizard, but a sorcerer instead. He began to develop his dragon sorcerer abilities and used them to serve his master.

All of that changed when Xyphreneus’ tower home was attacked by a vicious and overwhelming horde of dragon-kind. Draconians, dragonborn, lizardfolk, and more, all united to destroy the ancient home of the great bronze. The attack was led by a great blue wyrm that called itself Exarzellian. In a surprising act of self-sacrifice, Xyphreneus gave her life to allow Palin to escape.

After laying low for a few months, Palin returned to Woodhurst after over 15 years of exile. Keeping a low profile and an ear to the ground, he learned that an expedition to colonize a newly discovered continent on the other side of the world had been gearing up to set sail in the coming weeks. Learning that his cousin Xavin was now an officer in the colony’s military sealed the deal: Palin would journey to the New World and try to keep one step ahead of the dragon army that haunts his dreams. The reunion between the two cousins was, indeed, a happy one. Like two long lost brothers, Xavin had thought it strange that his favorite cousin, aunt, and uncle had simply stopped seeing them after his seventh birthday.

Palindithas Thunderkin

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