Apprentice Blacksmith, Warforged Fighter


Relic is a large man, standing about 6’2". Relic usually looks somewhat agitated with a frown and arms crossed. This puts some off considering he is a large individual who once fought in Atchar’s civil war. He is typically found training under Luxion or Erebius to smith or fight.


Relic is a relatively young warforged at only 600 years old. He was created in the waning years of the End War for the purpose of being a front line soldier for house Magcain. He’s seen many atrocities in his lifetime and as such is a rather coarse and gruff, often blunt and rude to those around him. He didn’t have much purpose in the world for hundreds of years, wandering as a mercenary, until he met Luxion who offered to teach him a way he could still be involved with fighting (his reason for creation) without actively killing. He’s been Luxion’s apprentice ever since.


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