Thelonius la Cruz

Merchant Prince of Antiva, Human Bard


Thelonius is a rather forceful man. He shaves his head and face, and wears a witty grin upon his face. Typically looking down his nose at those who deal with him. He’s arrogant and witty, and furthermore he’s funding nearly 40% of the journey so most of what he says is taken under huge consideration. He is fond of wearing copious amounts of jewelry.


Thelonius hails from Antiva, he is not imposing but his tact and charisma certainly make him fearsome in any dealings. Thelonius, like the other merchants, opted to make the voyage in the calculated hope of making a fortune. Thelonious views himself the equal to any king or head priest. Unlike the other merchants, he is willing to do business with anyone or anything that can further his agenda, and is willing to expand into any trade if it means a hefty profit. He is richer than any of the other merchant lords but his ambition (some say arrogance) means that he will take on all of them at once.

Thelonius la Cruz

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