Naturalist, Half-Elf Ranger


Wulf stands about 5’10", and is covered in a thick layer of muscle. He keeps his long black hair flowing free. He makes an exception if he knows of approaching danger, when he places it in a ponytail to keep it out of his eyes.


Wulf considers no one location his home, and prefers to travel all over which led him to join the expedition. Wulf is a man who enjoys the act of being in and caring for nature. He typically remains stoic and uncomfortable in town, but knows he must make his home there in order to turn a profit. He makes his living gathering herbs and spices useful for cooking, medicine, and magic. He owns a small shop where you may purchase these items or lessons in survival from the esteemed ranger. He also acts as the military’s best scout in times of danger. His biggest customer is Zebulon, who requires a constant supply of ingredients to practice new spells.


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