Xavindithus Elderkin

Dragonborn Officer, Dragonborn Fighter


Xavin is a massive black scaled dragonborn. He towers over his peers at 7’4". Born to a wealthy general and diplomat Xavin wears an Ornate set of plate mail and wields a finely made greatsword emblazoned with fire designs.


Born into a clan of gold dragonborn as a black, Xavin was set apart from the start. That’s before even mentioning a chromatic scaled dragonborn within a metallic clan is a bad omen. Xavin’s parents are a rather famous general and diplomat, and from the beginning he’s had high expectations set before him. By the age of 21 he’s become the model knight; valuing strength, honesty, and courage above all else. He becomes incredibly agitated when his friends argue and hide things from each other, but this stems from the deep affection he feels toward them. As the 3rd ranking officer in the military of the expedition and a natural leader he is the most obvious choice to lead the party, though some might disagree… His best friend from the start of the journey has been his cousin, Palindithus, who had been seeking adventure and opted to pay his way to see the world with his favorite cousin. Xavin intends to prove his worth as a commander with this voyage, and prove to his family that his black scales are not a bad omen but a good one instead.

Xavindithus Elderkin

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