Zebulon Lazarius

Student of the Arcane, Half-Elf Wizard


Zebulon is a decently sized man at 5’10", and his body lithe and dexterous. While old by normal standards Zeb is fairly young for a half-elf around the age of 55. He can often be seen going for jogs, performing stretches, and complex almost dance-like maneuvers by the water every morning. He holds his black hair with a tinge of salt in a ponytail. It is well-known Zebulon is a powerful wizard, having been a court wizard for the Cousland family and adventurer before that. As such, he can often be found in his little library tearing through book after book and writing various letters back to those in the old world.


Zebulon is somewhat of a mystery, he doesn’t often speak to his past but most have heard that he was at some point a famous adventurer. It is also well known that he passes at the top of his class from Starfall’s Izzet Magical University, often considered the most prestigious college in the world. Most consider him to be the most powerful single person on the expedition, but nobody knows just how powerful he really is. As a lover of information and history Zeb traveled to the new world in hopes of discovering signs of ancient cultures. As town wizard it is also his duty to act as postmaster, letters to be delivered are to be left with him and he ensures they reach their destination.

Zebulon Lazarius

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