Holy Protector of Friendship, Warforged Paladin


Guardian is fairly large warforged at 6’3". He has a symbol of Erathis carved into his forehead. He generally keeps two emotions on his face at all times, stern comes right after Glimmerwink did literally anything and a huge smile at being surrounded by laughing friends who enjoy his company. When he’s not having a good time with his friends Guardian is typically training with the military or in the temple praying. He also stays close to the side of Mordecai, who he sees as something of a father figure for having brought him into the church and instructing him.


Guardian doesn’t really know where he came from or where he’s been, in terms of what he can remember he’s a child. He awoke 7 years ago standing by himself in the forest surrounding Woodhurst. He sensed that toward the city was where he needed to go, and so he did. Eventually he reached the temple of Erathis, and was greeted by Mordecai for the first time. Mordecai recognized the symbol on Guardian’s forehead, and as a priest of Erathis was inclined to give shelter and clothes to the awoken warforged.

Guardian spent the next several days being cared for and learning from the clergy. He learned he really loved the scriptures and message of Erathis. She was a goddess of Law, Camaraderie, and Technology; Guardian believed that as a warforged he must be the pinnacle of technology and so her scriptures directly applied to him. He began to learn her ways and was eventually prompted into becoming a paladin in Erathis’ name. He picked up on weaponry and channeling holy energies immediately, and began believing it was his destiny to become a paladin for Erathis’ glory. He began to train every day and study every night, doing this for 7 years. It was during this training that he was given the name guardian by his teacher, for in combat sessions he was prone to throwing himself in front of allies to take the hits for them. He accelerated through his training, and is almost a full fledged knight. All he must do now to take his vows is perform worthy deeds. Once this is completed he’ll be a fully knighted member of the church.

As Mordecai was making preparations for the voyage he requested Guardian accompany him to protect the new church and the colony with his shield. Guardian was told that if he performed his duties well he would be the first full holy knight of the new world. Guardian accepted, hoping to earn the respect of his teacher, his god, and whatever friends he may meet in the new world. Though naive Guardian believed, firmly, that his kind soul, strong arm, and tough shield would gain him his first friends in the new world and they would have many adventures together.


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