Thordain Everlast

One Angry Dwarf, Mountain Dwarf Barbarian


Thordain Everlast is not your typical dwarf, he stands about 4’7" and while most have a nice layer of beer belly Thordain is well muscled. That’s not to say he doesn’t maintain a little beer gut, but it’s surrounded by his brick-like muscles on all sides. Thordain isn’t always the most vocal of characters, but when he speaks it’s normally in intense anger and frustration or humor. He loves to hit things with his maul and he loves a great joke or prank. Normally found drinking with his friends, or hitting things in the training yard; he is a man of simple pleasures after all. He also hopes to become the foreman of the pit mines once they’re established in the colony, and put his dwarfing to the test.


Thordain is not a complex man, he wants for few things in life. He wants to get schwasted every day, make a good living as head of the mines, kill shit, and get vengeance for the death of his entire clan. Thordain Everlast is something of a famous fighter and often gets contracted to fight or perform tasks for the highest bidder. Part of his success in this regard comes from his bloodline, he is part of one of the 3 most famous lineages of dwarves in Rorrim: the Everlasts, known for their drinking and fighting. Their clan normally resides in the mountains south of Caer Leon.

While out on a task his ancestral home was attacked and ransacked. He returned to find everyone he had ever loved either dead in the snow or missing. He also found the dead bodies of a clan of ogres and some goblins they likely forced into assisting them. In that moment Thordain’s rage broke free and he smashed a boulder in twain with his great hammer. Inside was a small ruby and gold signet ring. Without stopping to ponder he swore vengeance on ogres, goblins, and the like. His anger swelled and he wandered the land attempting to cleanse them of his enemies. This was nearly 25 years ago. He returned to Caer Leon and learned of an expedition to a new world that needed able fighters. This world held naught but sadness for him now, and so he took their pittance with hopes of finally helping instead of destroying for a change and the hope of at least dying with his maul in hand like a true dwarf.

Thordain Everlast

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